We've future proofed your wedding film

With the meteoric rise in popularity of streaming services like Netflix, Amazon and Disney+ all over the world it is apparent that physical media has had it's day. Not only do DVD's and Blu Ray's get scratched or lost but you are also restricted by having to inserting a disc into a clunky mechanical player which is wired up to one TV in one room. Compared to digital delivery methods physical media can no longer cut it and is very restrictive in comparison when it comes to wan

It's been emotional

The whole wedding experience brings out different emotions in different people at different times, and it’s not just the preserve of the bride to show a display of emotion. In our time filming weddings we find the majority of the time it's the men who shed the most tears. We’re not just talking about the grooms either, we've seen best men and fathers of both bride and groom blubbing into their hankerchiefs and being overcome by the occasion. Brides usually reach their most e