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We've future proofed your wedding film

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

With the meteoric rise in popularity of streaming services like Netflix, Amazon and Disney+ all over the world it is apparent that physical media has had it's day. Not only do DVD's and Blu Ray's get scratched or lost but you are also restricted by having to inserting a disc into a clunky mechanical player which is wired up to one TV in one room. Compared to digital delivery methods physical media can no longer cut it and is very restrictive in comparison when it comes to wanting to share your video collection with others or to watch at anytime, wherever you are.

In 2014 Jon Geddes and Michael Guastamacchio from Los Angeles were already leading figures with wedding videographers with their company Precomposed. They designed and created animated video menus to use as templates to present content on DVD's and Blu Ray discs. Quite simply Precomposed was the industry leading provider of DVD & Blu-ray motion menus with themed authoring and packaging kits for producers of video.

Then with the popularity of Netflix rapidly increasing in the early 2010's, with consumers choosing to stream content onto their TV's, mobile devices and computers Jon and Michael pivoted their business model and created MediaZilla to do just. Wedding videographers, event filmmakers and corporate video producers began to take notice and signed up for the new service.

Sales of physical media was already in decline and some high profile companies like Sony and Samsung stopped producing DVD players altogether. Apple, the most successful company in the world, no longer shipped iMacs and Macbooks with optical drives like before so by the mid 2010's everything was moving in the direction of doing everything digitally online.

Jon and Michael filled a gap in the market and created MediaZilla in an attempt to revolutionise the industry and help videographers future proof their videos. I'm proud to say we were early adopters of the MediaZilla platform by investing in their crowd funding idea on Indigogo in 2014 to make it happen as we loved what they were trying to do.

We provided our first customer with their online wedding film collection in September 2015 as the MediaZilla platform started rolling out all over the world and going from strength to strength. The idea was well received by wedding videographers as a revolutionary method of client delivery where videos could be safely stored in the cloud and video collections sent instantly to their clients.

Customers loved it too because not only could they now stream their videos with a Netflix style end user experience they were also able to easily share their wedding films via an email invitation to anyone, anywhere in the world. This means end users are no longer restricted to having to use one fixed player as videos can now be accessed on any mobile device using apps, phone casting and links. MediaZilla is available on Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Google Play for Android TV's complete with professional video menus to chose a video or jump to a scene or access bonus features just like you did on DVD and Blu Ray discs.

We've been delivering video collections to hundreds of our customers for the past 6 years and we get great feedback on it's design, functionality and convenience. During our first year of using MediaZilla we witnessed first hand how important and useful the platform was proving to be. Lauren and Ollie hired us to film their wedding day but had concerns about reaching their fanily with compatible discs in another country because while Lauren came from the UK her groom came from the other side of the world, in Australia. MediaZilla offered a solution and became a major selling point for our service. The couple were excited at the prospect of sending their wedding films directly to his family down under at the press of a button. There was no longer a need to send packaged discs in a bulky parcel to the other side of the world which would have taken weeks to arrive. The couple were delighted, their families were delighted, we were delighted. The platform worked and proved it's worth and gave us another dimension to what we could offer to our clients.

We are grateful to Jon and Michael for creating MediaZilla and for continuing to develop it's professional features. With the addition of 4K playback MediaZilla continues to revolutionise video delivery. Check out their latest promo video to see how it works

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